Friday, January 30, 2009

Syringe exchange opponent lobbies in Texas from Florida

Last Friday a staffer from a Texas House members office emailed me a fax and other materials the office received from the executive director of Florida based Save Our Society From Drugs, Calvina Fay. In the fax Ms. Fay states her strong opposition to syringe exchange programs and then lists several reasons for her opposition.

I decided to pass along Ms. Fay's fax and other materials to Dr. William Martin, an expert on syringe exchange programs, to see what he thought of her claims. Before the weekend was out Dr. Martin emailed me back with his response to Ms. Fay's fax, his response notably full of documentation where hers was lacking.

About her fax and other materials Dr. Martin said "As an advocate for NEPs, I am not surprised that Ms. Fay could not martial better arguments to support her opposition to these programs, since the evidence against her position is simply too strong. I am, however, somewhat surprised that she apparently assumed no one would examine her assertions and claims."

Well examine them he did! Check out Dr. Martins response to Calvina Fay and a copy of Ms. Fay's fax to decide for yourself who is being honest in there examination of this important public health option.

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