Sunday, October 08, 2006

Welcome to the Haystack

Welcome to the Haystack- thanks for checking it out. This blog is under construction, but hope to have it up and running by Novemeber 1. Please check back in with us then.

Until then, if you have pressing questions about syringe access, contact Tracey Hayes at, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the topic.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

I keep checking for most posts. You must stilll be sifting. ;-) XXOO, sh

Rusty said...


Good start! Unfortunately the same IGNORANT mentality that let AIDS get a 15 year head start on a cure, is still in play as to clean needles! Those who CLAIM to be of faith helped delay and KILL thousands by claiming AIDS was GODS way of ridding the earth of homo's! Sadly this same bigoted and ignorance is being displayed again. I have heard it said many times, I don't want my tax dollars to go for clean needles so people can break the law, if they die they had it coming for breaking the law!!! Sure sounds like what Jesus would say and do,
"" NOT"" !!!

And just like with AIDS, these people will suffer the loss of their loved ones due to their BIGGOTRY and BIASES! They don't stop to think just like before not all HOMO's play in their own world!!! And when these new demons sharing dirty needles are preparing these bigots food at the best restaurants around, while spreading hep, and other diseases! What comfort can these self righteous bigots take in knowing their tax dollars DIDN'T go to help save some one in need, “” MUCHLESS “”them or their own loved ones??? Sad at best pathetic at worst!!!

Life and Faith are a lot a like, you get what you put in to it! You also reap what you sow when you abuse “” EITHER “” !!!

Rusty White